Did you see or hear me on Sway in the Morning? I’m Destiny Watson; a entrepreneur. A musician who writes, raps, sings, can dance, and model. Working worldwide but based in Florida.


Art has always been my passion and self expression through writing starting at the age of 7. Heightened awareness of the environment around me and situations made my thoughts more vivid and provided me the means to express myself via poetry through good and bad. The music comes from my father and I started off playing organ. Moved to Flute, Sax, and then bassoon. Around 2012 or so, I modeled for Covergirl and George Kotsiopoulos from Fashion Police. As an artist, I began to record music in 2016 with Nili Reyy out of San Antonio, TX and performed in Atlanta, GA opening for Skippa Da Flippa and King Mufasa. I always wrote but never had the chance to seriously record music until 2016 and released my EP “Release Me EP” June 9, 2017 (6.9.17) via So Unique Entertainment LLC (my label) and Athena Rose Publishing (BMI; publishing company). I appeared on Sway in the Morning at SXSW 2018.

Looking to book more shows for music, session work as a flutist and artist, and songwriting. If you need metadata or your music registered, contact me below. Open to promo events and modeling gigs as my side work along with photography, and hosting ecommerce classes (https://souniqueent.com/). Sign up to learn more or contact me (+8505864175). Spread the word about yours truly, Destiny Watson, @iamdestinyp and tag me while listening or watching my content for reposts. Brand Apparel and extra items are available here: EBAY


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Musician (Flute). Trained in Runway and Fashion modeling. Commercial and extra experience. Trained in photography; photoshoot/lightroom.

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